Wednesday, November 7, 2007

[LotF] rant: A Conclusion That's Been A Long Time Coming

Legend of the Four

Hey guys. Long time no see. Work, San Diego wildfires, and life in general have been keeping me away.

I've had a conversation with Reverie recently (She's been with LotF almost since the beginning.)... And I've decided to do something that I've been debating with myself for over a year now.

I think I needed to talk to Rev' to finally come to this. Everyone else I've mentioned it to is a family member or one of friends who are my siblings in all but blood. In other words, biased. Rev' is my friend. In fact, she is one of my oldest and favorite online friends. And I want to remain friends with her. But, unlike everyone else I mentioned this to, Rev' and I met and became friends because I as drawing LotF. We've never met face to face. She's been with the story from the get-go and has a lot invested in it, but in a way completely different from Jenni and I. Jenni and I have a lot invested, but we already know how the story goes. So I needed the kind of opinion on it that only Rev' could give me.

I love Legend of the Four. It's been my web comic baby since July 2001. However, six years later, the story isn't written out in exacts, but I do know the general plot line all the way to the end. I simply don't have the time to update on a regular basis and draw the things I get inspired to do at random. At some point, I lost the drive to finish LotF as a comic.
The story is long, and I finished telling the basics of it in my head a long time ago. Basically, I'm not going to be able to get back to doing more than one page a week at most, and at that rate, I don't know that I'd ever finish the story. It's a daunting concept, and it makes sitting down to draw it page by page even more intimidating. The beginning of the story is a twisted mess, and I can't stand the early art at all.

So I've come to a hard decision. I will be ending LotF. There's 3 pages left in the current chapter that I've already thumb-nailed. I will finish drawing and post them in the next couple of weeks. After that, I will begin the process of finishing telling you guys the rest of the story. It won't be full prose. It will be outlines and sketches, snippets of dialog, and the occasional finished picture (my cover art quality or better). It will probably take me a couple of months to get it all down on digital paper and up. But I will finish telling the basics of the story before I shut LotF down forever.

I will most likely continue drawing random illustrations on my Deviant Art after I finish the story, but I don't want to keep leaving it hanging, and I can't see myself as capable of finishing it in my lifetime at my current rate and method. So this is my solution. I expect to have everything finished before April of next year, probably earlier, but I'm being overly generous given my history, and that I may want to get elaborate with some scenes.

Thanks to all of you for staying with LotF so long, and I'm sorry I won't be able to finish it the way I originally wanted.

I've discussed several times with Jenni re-telling the story as a novel and attempting to get it published. I may still do that at some point. Tell the story right, and have a plan going in. I know I'll probably never stop drawing Derce' and Mainyo completely, but their adventures as a web comic are going to come to an end.

~ Lycorne
ElfGrove Studio @ DA
Legend of the Four

Thursday, September 20, 2007

[LotF] comic: Re-Coop' Filler

Re-coop' Filler

Still recovering from my trip, so here's a late-posted filler image. Derce' & Mainyo facing off.

I posted a lot of art done during my tri to Deviant Art, I'll post that to the RSS later this week.

Monday, August 20, 2007

[LotF] rant: Cat Legend and Travel Update

Hey guys! And many welcomes to any visitors from over at Cat Legend. The secret project I mentioned working on before was that I got an opportunity to do a guest page or two for the wonderful Kat who does CL. If you guys aren't already among the Cat Legend audience, go start reading it now. I positively adore her story, and her characters are a blast to draw.

And to those visiting from CL, I hope you see something you can enjoy in Lot4 and/or Overhill. Please pop into the chat room to say "Hi". The more the merrier!

By way of an update, I got an extra page finished over this weekend, so my missing updates as a result of my trip will be for only two weeks instead of three. You've got another Lot4 page coming on Monday.

... Yup, that's it. Busy Busy.

[LotF] comic: Wait

Legend 2, Page 064
[Mainyo steps through the portal and turns back to look at Storm.]
Mainyo: // Until next time. //
[The water slips away, and Kage can be seen super-imposed over Storm.]
[Mainyo’s eyes go wide.]
Mainyo: WAIT--!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

[LotF] rant: Travel Notice

Travel Notice

Hey-ya Everyone!

Those three pages are all completed and up, and I’m going ahead and starting on the page for next week.

But after next week, things get tricky, and I’m probably not going to be able to update for three weeks. I’ve got to do a lot of last minute stuff, and then I’m going on an (about) two-week vacation down South. See my whirlwind trip from one end to the other of the freaking state of Alabama.

This translates as no new pages from Monday, August the 27th, to Monday, September the 10th. Regular updates will resume on Monday, September the 17th.

So if anyone has the time, I would really appreciate having some filler art or guest comics to go up in my absence. I probably won’t have consistent internet access once I leave San Diego, so if possible, any fillers for the time period would have to be emailed to me by midnight, Tuesday the 28th. Of course, there’ll be link pimpage for anyone who can help me out with fillers on such short notice! I'm kinda betting on there not being anyone with the free time though.

Sorry Guys! I so need this trip though. I want to see all my friends from back home, and I’ll be getting to meet Jenni’s (Undine’s Character Basis) baby in person for the first time! *SQUEEE!!!*

ElfGrove Studio

P.S. WhooHoo! Dragon*Con!

[LotF] comic: 3 Pages + 2

The "+ 2" :
Triple Update Cover - Blue-Hair!Storm & Mainyo
Travel Notice

The Completed Triple Update:

Legend 2, Page 061
Aodhan: I do not wish to be at odds with you Flower.

[Aodhan gets up and turns to leave.]
Please just think the situation through.
And do not hesitate to contact me if you need aid.

You or Storm.

Undine: ...

Legend 2, Page 062
[Show Storm opening a portal, with water effects (the Fuath is helping).]

Legend 2, Page 063
Mainyo: Huh.
// Not too bad girl. //

Storm: // Laugh it up pointy ears. I’m just providing you a way home. //

Mainyo: // It’s your duty. You are a Fianna1, correct? //
Storm: Presumptuous jerk.

// Duty or not, you could be a bit more appreciative. //
Mainyo: ...

// Thank you //
// Storm. //

1Fianna - Not telling... Yet. A character will explain this term in the next chapter or two.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

[DA] Go Mr. FuzzFuzz!

HP - Silas's Patronus by ~elfgrove on deviantART
So that a conversation ([link]) I had with Meru ( ~aiuchi) a little bit back involved categorizing several of our friends into Hogwarts houses, and discussions of potential Animagus and Patronus forms...

I was talking to :iconshibamura-prime:last night, and since we put him in Ravenclaw, I figured I'd ask forhis favorite animal and draw a Patronus picture of him as well.

...Well, turned out he and Meru had already had that conversation and I was informed his Patronus is a squirrel.

So I got to drawing it today... And as I did... I just tried to picture Dementors fleeing in fear of a little silver squirrel... I giggle every time I picture it. It's just too funny. The Dementors have no dignity anymore.

In case you can't read the text on that last panel:
=shibamura-prime: GO Mr. FuzzFuzz!!
~aiuchi: So~o cute!
~elfgrove: So who's idea was the squirrel Patronus? I almost pity the Dementors.

Also, Overhill has updated with a new page and a new website layout. Just in time, since ~Asatirashould be featured on Cat Legend as a guest artist this Friday I think.

[OH] Comic: December 21, 2006

Prologue, page 10

The entire website at Overhill has been re-vamped, and new rants from both Asatira & I are available there.

Prose for Page 10:

It was frightening. How much had been covered up for so long. Even more so was the lack of explanation for the phenomena. Armies, Navies, Air Forces; every country attempted to send a team of some form in. Each time, contact was lost.

And no one returned.

On December 21st, 2006, the Winter Solstice, something happened that would change the world forever.

Boats came sailing out of the mists that surrounded Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. They were nothing like the world had seen before. At least... not in modern history. Graceful, beautiful and terrible. Ships of intricately carved wood, of stone, of jewel, of ice and bone and fire. They were made to float by the lost art, by magic.

Friday, August 10, 2007

[LotF] rant: Triple Update + 1

Hey guys!

Yes, I know I missed the last two weeks. This is after I told one of you in an AIM conversation that I shouldn't miss any updates through the end of this chapter. *sigh* DAMMIT.

I had two surprisingly busy weekends.

I wasn't planning to attend Sn Diego Comic Con until a friend called me up to say she had an extra badge (she'd acquired a staff badge for volunteering) that I could use for free. So I went to SDCC for about half of Friday and all of Saturday. (I saw the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" panel live. Freaking Awesome!)

The next weekend I went to a Renn Faire in Balboa Park. It's not bad, but seriously... Not impressed. Between the "Beer Garden", severe lack of enthusiastic "Players", and no permanent Faire Site (this is evidently the norm in Cali?)... I was kinda disappointed. I paid the same entry fee to go to the Atlanta Renn' Faire before, and they have a kick ass permanent Faire Site, jousting, wandering "Players" and professional Bards... *shakes head*

But between weekend activities, long work days, and having to finish a "Secret Project" with a August 10th deadline (that will be unveiled soon)... I just fell behind. The two missing pages will have final versions posted on Monday as well as the new page for that Monday. The rough sketch versions of the pages are up now. Also, as a cover page, I've posted the response to Rev's request for a bluehair!Storm and Mainyo romantic pinup.

P.S. My AIM username is "KageLycorne" for those of you who don't know it. I know it isn't posted on the site since I re-did the layout. I'm not great about being on it, but I am there occasionally, and I love hearing from you guys via the Chatzy chatroom & AIM.

from Legend of the Four

[LotF] comic: "Rough Draft" Triple Update + 1

Rough Drafts of the pages. No script until the final versions are up!

Legend 2, Page 061
Legend 2, Page 062
Legend 2, Page 063

Filling-Cover - Blue-Hair!Storm & Mainyo

3 "Rough Draft" pages posted. Completed versions will be up on Monday. Hit the "previous comic" links to see 'em.
~ Lycorne

blue-hair!Storm & Mainyo
Requested by Rev'
This'll have to do for now. Characters just aren't cooperating for the entire "romantic"-style pinup.

[DA] From SDCC to Last Week

HP - Meru's Patronus

Lot4 - Character Sketches

ATLA - OC: Flip Practice Color

I also posted a bunch of other SDCC(San Diego Comic Con) sketches, but they're in scraps, so it's more time-consuming to post them with thumbnails, so you just get links.

ElfGrove @

Monday, July 23, 2007

[LotF] comic: Mistake Flower

Legend 2, Page 060
Aodhan: Things will happen. And the world we know will not allow you to step away so simply.
Your own memories are trying to return. You will not be able to ignore or forget at a point. Even if you dislike it, Dercesthai is not a bad ally to have,

…and I am a poor choice for an enemy.
Undine: Considering I fractured your arm, I have trouble finding you terribly intimidating.

Aodhan: That would be a mistake Flower.
Undine: I don’t respond well to threats.

[An uncomfortable silence follows.]

- - - - -

Sorry the page is posting a bit late today. I'm kinda under the weather.

[DA] Hogwarts Extracurriculars (No Spoilers)

6L - Hogwarts Extracurriculars

So... I've no idea if or when 6 Lefts will update next. (It's a parody / pop-culture / satire / dimension-hopping webcomic, just pure fun.)

But when we left off, the girls + Dave had just crash-landed in the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
With the book 7 release, and Jana's recent request to see the Pegasi design, I've opted to do a new pinup for the adventure that we left off during.

I remember when that was in the planning stages we assigned each character as a 7th year in a different house, discussed certain events that required specific extracurriculars, and more. But for the heck of it, I drew our 4 dimension-hoppers as they'll appear in Hogwarts, dressed for their extracurricular activities.
Becky (Ravenclaw) & Melissa (Slytherin) for dueling practice. Ashley (Gryffindor) & Dave (Hufflepuff) for Quidditch practice.

Download the full size version at DA if you want to use it as a wallpaper.

Six Lefts and it's characters are © B. Shropshire and A. Holloway

ElfGrove @

Monday, July 16, 2007

[LotF] comic: Simple, Go. Away.

Legend 2, Page 059
Undine: Simple.

I don’t want to ever see you again.
I don’t know what happened, but Storm doesn’t trust your kind in general.

And frankly, I just don’t like you.
So just leave.
Never return.

Aodhan: Things are not so simple as to follow your wishes.
Especially if Dercesthai and I are correct about your identity.

The page was up on schedule, text was late. Sorry.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

[DA] Princess Tutu & Requests

KKJ - Moonlight

Jana's request from this LJ post.

6L - Pegasi

Normally, I wouldn't release a Six Lefts design, but I honestly don't know how close this is to the original design, I don't know if we were still going to use it at all the last time Ashley and I discussed 6L, and honestly, I don't know if or when Six Lefts will continue.
Jana's request from this LJ post.

PT - Best Friends

Princess Rue and Duck Ahiru.
They were best friends in the series, even though Rue wasn't always ready to admit to it. I think Princess Rue definitely would've come back to visit her best friend from time to time. I always loved their friendship. I actually requested december_zephyr to draw something with this pair in the post here, but the idea stuck in my head to much to leave it be.
Since I lack shading skills, december_zephyr's is sure to be far nicer.

PT - Duck Princess

I like playing with this concept... Future!Ahiru as a "human" princess. It's just fun to try to imagine princess gowns for everyone's favorite little duck.

PT - A Kiss

I set the mature filter on this deviation for obvious reasons, so if you don't have a Deviant Art account, you can't see the full view on their website. So I've made it available on Photobucket for non-DA users.

We're all cosplaying the same character (Fakir from Princess Tutu) at Anime Expo 2007 in different outfits. I'm the "I'm travel size for yo convenience!" version.

ElfGrove @

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

[LotF] rant: IM IN UR MAPZ

Here's a pretty cool trick.
I was able to Google Map the Amayinehi's Spring being shown in the last few pages with Storm & Mainyo. If you go to the below address, try zooming in on Hybrid or Satellite view. You can get a bird's eye view of the real life location I used as a setting for an imaginary comic event.

Google Maps: Amayinehi's Spring

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

[LotF] rant: Update Issues

Okay, some of you caught the link I left in the chat room, but here's the official word on the front page.

Remember ages ago when I lost my entire archive because one of the two KeenSpace servers died violently, loosing a randomized chunk of about 1200 KS sites? Yeah, me too.

In a wonderfully prepared move to prevent that incident repeating itself, ComicGenesis (mostly the same people, new name) has purchased a new server, backed up everyone's stuff, and moved it over to the new server successfully. The CG forums, home site, and site admin have not made the switch yet, and DNS is having random issues, but no one has lost more than a week's worth of comics. The CG auto-update system is not functioning properly yet, as you guys may have noticed, since a script went up Sunday night, but no new page on Monday.

The ComicGenesis staff are working on the problems. Working as CG Admin is done for love of the community, not for money, so Kisai and Strredwolf are working these issues along with their day jobs. Much kudos and love for them with it going as smoothly as it has. Hopefully updating will be functioning normally again soon. Until then, bear with it. I love CG, this place is made of win.

And, as for the two pages sitting in limbo where you can't see? I've tried a couple of back door ways, but I can't force an update through right now. I'm suddenly very glad my rant area is now an outside blog. I can get updates to everyone when CG isn't at top form.
So here are some temporary links: 57 & 58
Those files will be gone as soon as the CG page updates. The CG versions are a bit larger and not pixelated from auto-shrinkage.

from Legend of the Four

Sunday, July 8, 2007

[LotF] comic: It Seems Incredibly Likely

Legend 2, Page 057

Storm: // That should be good for a while. //

Legend 2, Page 058

Amayinehi1: // Are you all right Gwarcheidwad2? //
Storm: // A bit wetter than necessary, but fine. //
Amayinehi: // What payment do you want today? //
Storm: // Let me handle the trash. Then I will discuss it. //


Undine: So you believe I am this ‘Tiarna person reincarnated?
Aodhan: It seems incredibly likely.
[Undine stares.]
[Undine looks away.]
Undine: Go away.
Aodhan: What?

note: The // enclosure indicates the use of the Sidhe Common language.

1 Amayinehi - Cherokee/Tsalagi term meaning "water spirit/faerie"
2 Gaelic: "Gwarcheidwad." to English: "Guardian"

This text for the comics is going to beat them at getting online by a couple of hours. This is how ComicGenesis's auto-update works. Sorry, but I'd forget to do this tomorrow morning, I know it. They'll go up sometime after midnight.

[Convention] Anime Expo 2007 Report

AX 2007 Con Report made in in sketch-comic format....

AX2007 - Day 1

AX2007 - Day 2

I'm really proud of how my Fakir costume came out. I need to bind better, but the wig looked awesome and I was the only one to do the details of black against dark gray with the knight's shirt with the darker shoulders, neck cowl, and (not that it's shown well in any photos) dark back with gray designs cut into it. It was made from dark gray gabardine and black leather.

AX2007 - Day 3

And the gallery of photos separated by day, and a couple of group photo shoots is here:
So far it's just my photos and Thanh's photos. Still waiting for stuff from Tim, Lexx, and Brett.

Other Princess Tutu photo shoot pics posted so far:
dream_chaser023 -

[DA] Cat Legend Sketches

For reasons unknown, I wanted to try my hand at drawing Katrina Santoro's characters: Bing, Sarah, Dee, Dor, & Cat. They are © Katrina Santoro as a part of the cast of the webcomic "Cat Legend".
I'm just taking a quick stab at sketching their faces, very rough, nothing more yet.

CL - sketches

ElfGrove @

Thursday, June 21, 2007

[LotF] Comic: Splash - Updated

Legend 2, Page 056

Added two panels to this page and re-did the page layout. Hopefully the flow of action is a little more obvious now.

Refresh the page to be certain you see the new version.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

[LotF] Rant: Site Revamped

Hey guys. As you can see, the site has been through some major updates this weekend. There's some stuff you've never seen before in the gallery, some new links that I highly advise, and the Side Notes page is halfway back up.

Play around, and let me know via either the chatzy room, email, or blog comments.

Safe Journeys,
~ Lycorne

from Legend of the Four

[LotF] Comic: Splash - Updated

Legend 2, Page 056

Page Text:
[Storm walks around the pool, climbs along a tiny ledge on the stone cliff.]
[Storm gets to the center, reaches down into the water.]
Mainyo: // You look like an idiot. //
[Storm is distracted & falls in.]
Storm: [angry]...
Amayinehi: [looks upset]
Mainyo: Heh. [smirk]
// Even better. //

note: The // enclosure indicates the use of the Sidhe Common language.

Monday, June 4, 2007

[LotF] Comic: 80s Weekend Filler

The 80s Took Over My Weekend

Page Text:
So, no comic today. I'll try to double up next week. The 80s took over my weekend this week.

The Transformers movie toys were released on June 2nd. I love my new toys. I'm trying to resist the urge to go buy the 3ft Optimus plushie and the Optimus Prime voice changer helmet. I am a big kid. I openly admit to it.

Sunday I killed doing 3 pages for my short Rainbow Brite 20 years in the future fan comic. That should finish in another 3 pages (9 total). You can see it on my Deviant Art account.

Well, Arcee, Optimus Prime, and Jazz (my precious!) all say "Hi!" And if I can figure out how to transform Optimus without the instructions, I'll be a fricking genius.


[DA] Rainbow Brite +20 Continued...

RB +20 - pg 04

RB +20 - pg 05

RB +20 - pg 06

ElfGrove @

Thursday, May 31, 2007

[OH] Comic: The World Has Changed Greatly...

Prologue, pages 8-9

Prose for Page 08:
The world has changed greatly in the past three years. It had started relatively unnoticed by most of the world. Mullein’s family had noticed strange things afoot. So had a small number of Europeans. But overall, the events that began about three years ago were kept relatively quiet, in the beginning.

Mullein’s parents had been planning a trip to Ireland. Research for her Mother’s latest paper. Their flight had been repeatedly cancelled...

For months.

Prose for Page 09:
It was finally made known to the world in April of 2006. The world had lost contact with Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain. The world governments had been collaborating to keep it quiet for nearly six months. It had started small. Rural towns, the ones built near mystical places like Stonehenge, or the lesser known “Faerie mounds” suddenly found technology failing. Electricity went out. Phone lines died. Cars wouldn’t start. Satellites, cellular phones, cameras, videos, television signals... nothing but static.

And as everything failed, then there was no word at all. People didn’t travel in or out of affected areas. Cars would simply stop working. The onboard computers of planes and helicopters would start failing inexplicably, giving wrong readings or shutting off completely, forcing the pilots to turn back. People who ventured in on foot or by horse never returned. And the effect spread. Overtaking larger cities. Until, finally, all three countries were lost. After that fact became undeniable, it was made public knowledge.

from OverHill

[DA] 05/30/2007: Leo's Confession

CotND - Leo's Confession 1
by ~elfgrove

CotND - Leo's Confession 2
by ~elfgrove

CotND - Leo's Confession 3
by ~elfgrove

[DA] 05/30/2007: Rainbow Brite Fan Comic update 1

RB +20 - Rough Pencils 1
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - Rough Pencils 2
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - pg 01
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - pg 02
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - pg 03
by ~elfgrove

[LotF] Comic: Getting Wet Again

Legend 2, Page 055

Page Text:
Amayinehi1: Céad Míle Fáilte Gwarcheidwad.2 // How are you today? //
Storm: // Well enough. How go things here? //
Amayinehi: // More garbage, and one of the crystals have lost their light. //
Storm: // I thought it was about that time. If you put the trash up here, I’ll get rid of it for you. //
Amayinehi: // Many thanks Gwarcheidwad. The crystal? //
Storm: // Best if you don’t touch that. Which one is it? //
Amayinehi: // Cliff center. //
Storm: // Ah. Looks like I’m getting wet again. //
Amayinehi: // I could-- //
Storm: No worries.

note: The // enclosure indicates the use of the Sidhe Common language.

1 Amayinehi - Cherokee/Tsalagi term meaning "water spirit/faerie"
2 Gaelic: "Céad Míle Fáilte Gwarcheidwad." to English: "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes Guardian"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

[LotF] Rant: Sunburned

Monday, May 07, 2006
mood: Nauseated

So, I update. Update a bunch. I know it's hard to belive seeing the mediocre results but drawing the Amayinehi (a Native American water spirit/faerie) and the limestone spring that Big Spring Park in Huntsville, AL is named for has been intimidating the heck out of me. I'm not that proud of how the Amayinehi came out, but I have a couple of pages to reveal her details. I am however, very pleased with my results for the spring itself. I tweaked it a bit, but that entire steps down and stepping stones across things does exist. It's really cool. If you Google Big Spring Park and Huntsville you'll probably find photos of it.

I feel ill right now because my whiter than white idiotself went to the beach on Sunday. I swam in the Pacific fully clothed, now, THAT was amusing. But then I sayt in the sun in a tank top and jeans rolled up to my knees. I am lobster red, nauseated, and in a great deal of ouch-don't-touch-me-or-i'll-dismember-you-YES-that-hurts!

That character outfit design? I'm mixing Kat and Rev's submissions slightly. Ishi... I'm working on his new clothing.

EDIT [05/08/2007]: Okay. Normally I double-check this stuff before I post the actual text. But the place I orginally pulled the word "Aspara" from named it as the Native American term for a Water Spirit. I did some double-checks tonight, and that's wrong. "Aspara" is an Indian (as in India) cloud and water spirit/deva-thing. Bad internets, you betrayed me. I imagine the Sidhe common-speech (indicated to be in use by the "//"s) is something very close to Gaelic. Thusly I use a lot of Gaelic and Welsh words to name titles, affiliations, and other nouns for Sidhe, under the assumption that the full Sidhe meaning does not translate properly to English. But because the Water Spirit seen here is tied to a rather (locally)historically important spring in the Southern USA, I felt it necessary to use a Native American term for it. Thusly to refer to the Spring Water Spirit, Storm uses the Sidhe-common "Chibbyragh" (Gaelic for "spring; as of a well") and the Cherokee/Tsalagi term "Amayinehi" (meaning "water spirit/faerie") . I've gone back and corrected the comic.

Safe Journeys,
~ Lycorne

from Legend of the Four