Thursday, May 31, 2007

[OH] Comic: The World Has Changed Greatly...

Prologue, pages 8-9

Prose for Page 08:
The world has changed greatly in the past three years. It had started relatively unnoticed by most of the world. Mullein’s family had noticed strange things afoot. So had a small number of Europeans. But overall, the events that began about three years ago were kept relatively quiet, in the beginning.

Mullein’s parents had been planning a trip to Ireland. Research for her Mother’s latest paper. Their flight had been repeatedly cancelled...

For months.

Prose for Page 09:
It was finally made known to the world in April of 2006. The world had lost contact with Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain. The world governments had been collaborating to keep it quiet for nearly six months. It had started small. Rural towns, the ones built near mystical places like Stonehenge, or the lesser known “Faerie mounds” suddenly found technology failing. Electricity went out. Phone lines died. Cars wouldn’t start. Satellites, cellular phones, cameras, videos, television signals... nothing but static.

And as everything failed, then there was no word at all. People didn’t travel in or out of affected areas. Cars would simply stop working. The onboard computers of planes and helicopters would start failing inexplicably, giving wrong readings or shutting off completely, forcing the pilots to turn back. People who ventured in on foot or by horse never returned. And the effect spread. Overtaking larger cities. Until, finally, all three countries were lost. After that fact became undeniable, it was made public knowledge.

from OverHill

[DA] 05/30/2007: Leo's Confession

CotND - Leo's Confession 1
by ~elfgrove

CotND - Leo's Confession 2
by ~elfgrove

CotND - Leo's Confession 3
by ~elfgrove

[DA] 05/30/2007: Rainbow Brite Fan Comic update 1

RB +20 - Rough Pencils 1
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - Rough Pencils 2
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - pg 01
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - pg 02
by ~elfgrove

RB +20 - pg 03
by ~elfgrove

[LotF] Comic: Getting Wet Again

Legend 2, Page 055

Page Text:
Amayinehi1: Céad Míle Fáilte Gwarcheidwad.2 // How are you today? //
Storm: // Well enough. How go things here? //
Amayinehi: // More garbage, and one of the crystals have lost their light. //
Storm: // I thought it was about that time. If you put the trash up here, I’ll get rid of it for you. //
Amayinehi: // Many thanks Gwarcheidwad. The crystal? //
Storm: // Best if you don’t touch that. Which one is it? //
Amayinehi: // Cliff center. //
Storm: // Ah. Looks like I’m getting wet again. //
Amayinehi: // I could-- //
Storm: No worries.

note: The // enclosure indicates the use of the Sidhe Common language.

1 Amayinehi - Cherokee/Tsalagi term meaning "water spirit/faerie"
2 Gaelic: "Céad Míle Fáilte Gwarcheidwad." to English: "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes Guardian"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

[LotF] Rant: Sunburned

Monday, May 07, 2006
mood: Nauseated

So, I update. Update a bunch. I know it's hard to belive seeing the mediocre results but drawing the Amayinehi (a Native American water spirit/faerie) and the limestone spring that Big Spring Park in Huntsville, AL is named for has been intimidating the heck out of me. I'm not that proud of how the Amayinehi came out, but I have a couple of pages to reveal her details. I am however, very pleased with my results for the spring itself. I tweaked it a bit, but that entire steps down and stepping stones across things does exist. It's really cool. If you Google Big Spring Park and Huntsville you'll probably find photos of it.

I feel ill right now because my whiter than white idiotself went to the beach on Sunday. I swam in the Pacific fully clothed, now, THAT was amusing. But then I sayt in the sun in a tank top and jeans rolled up to my knees. I am lobster red, nauseated, and in a great deal of ouch-don't-touch-me-or-i'll-dismember-you-YES-that-hurts!

That character outfit design? I'm mixing Kat and Rev's submissions slightly. Ishi... I'm working on his new clothing.

EDIT [05/08/2007]: Okay. Normally I double-check this stuff before I post the actual text. But the place I orginally pulled the word "Aspara" from named it as the Native American term for a Water Spirit. I did some double-checks tonight, and that's wrong. "Aspara" is an Indian (as in India) cloud and water spirit/deva-thing. Bad internets, you betrayed me. I imagine the Sidhe common-speech (indicated to be in use by the "//"s) is something very close to Gaelic. Thusly I use a lot of Gaelic and Welsh words to name titles, affiliations, and other nouns for Sidhe, under the assumption that the full Sidhe meaning does not translate properly to English. But because the Water Spirit seen here is tied to a rather (locally)historically important spring in the Southern USA, I felt it necessary to use a Native American term for it. Thusly to refer to the Spring Water Spirit, Storm uses the Sidhe-common "Chibbyragh" (Gaelic for "spring; as of a well") and the Cherokee/Tsalagi term "Amayinehi" (meaning "water spirit/faerie") . I've gone back and corrected the comic.

Safe Journeys,
~ Lycorne

from Legend of the Four