Monday, August 20, 2007

[LotF] rant: Cat Legend and Travel Update

Hey guys! And many welcomes to any visitors from over at Cat Legend. The secret project I mentioned working on before was that I got an opportunity to do a guest page or two for the wonderful Kat who does CL. If you guys aren't already among the Cat Legend audience, go start reading it now. I positively adore her story, and her characters are a blast to draw.

And to those visiting from CL, I hope you see something you can enjoy in Lot4 and/or Overhill. Please pop into the chat room to say "Hi". The more the merrier!

By way of an update, I got an extra page finished over this weekend, so my missing updates as a result of my trip will be for only two weeks instead of three. You've got another Lot4 page coming on Monday.

... Yup, that's it. Busy Busy.

[LotF] comic: Wait

Legend 2, Page 064
[Mainyo steps through the portal and turns back to look at Storm.]
Mainyo: // Until next time. //
[The water slips away, and Kage can be seen super-imposed over Storm.]
[Mainyo’s eyes go wide.]
Mainyo: WAIT--!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

[LotF] rant: Travel Notice

Travel Notice

Hey-ya Everyone!

Those three pages are all completed and up, and I’m going ahead and starting on the page for next week.

But after next week, things get tricky, and I’m probably not going to be able to update for three weeks. I’ve got to do a lot of last minute stuff, and then I’m going on an (about) two-week vacation down South. See my whirlwind trip from one end to the other of the freaking state of Alabama.

This translates as no new pages from Monday, August the 27th, to Monday, September the 10th. Regular updates will resume on Monday, September the 17th.

So if anyone has the time, I would really appreciate having some filler art or guest comics to go up in my absence. I probably won’t have consistent internet access once I leave San Diego, so if possible, any fillers for the time period would have to be emailed to me by midnight, Tuesday the 28th. Of course, there’ll be link pimpage for anyone who can help me out with fillers on such short notice! I'm kinda betting on there not being anyone with the free time though.

Sorry Guys! I so need this trip though. I want to see all my friends from back home, and I’ll be getting to meet Jenni’s (Undine’s Character Basis) baby in person for the first time! *SQUEEE!!!*

ElfGrove Studio

P.S. WhooHoo! Dragon*Con!

[LotF] comic: 3 Pages + 2

The "+ 2" :
Triple Update Cover - Blue-Hair!Storm & Mainyo
Travel Notice

The Completed Triple Update:

Legend 2, Page 061
Aodhan: I do not wish to be at odds with you Flower.

[Aodhan gets up and turns to leave.]
Please just think the situation through.
And do not hesitate to contact me if you need aid.

You or Storm.

Undine: ...

Legend 2, Page 062
[Show Storm opening a portal, with water effects (the Fuath is helping).]

Legend 2, Page 063
Mainyo: Huh.
// Not too bad girl. //

Storm: // Laugh it up pointy ears. I’m just providing you a way home. //

Mainyo: // It’s your duty. You are a Fianna1, correct? //
Storm: Presumptuous jerk.

// Duty or not, you could be a bit more appreciative. //
Mainyo: ...

// Thank you //
// Storm. //

1Fianna - Not telling... Yet. A character will explain this term in the next chapter or two.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

[DA] Go Mr. FuzzFuzz!

HP - Silas's Patronus by ~elfgrove on deviantART
So that a conversation ([link]) I had with Meru ( ~aiuchi) a little bit back involved categorizing several of our friends into Hogwarts houses, and discussions of potential Animagus and Patronus forms...

I was talking to :iconshibamura-prime:last night, and since we put him in Ravenclaw, I figured I'd ask forhis favorite animal and draw a Patronus picture of him as well.

...Well, turned out he and Meru had already had that conversation and I was informed his Patronus is a squirrel.

So I got to drawing it today... And as I did... I just tried to picture Dementors fleeing in fear of a little silver squirrel... I giggle every time I picture it. It's just too funny. The Dementors have no dignity anymore.

In case you can't read the text on that last panel:
=shibamura-prime: GO Mr. FuzzFuzz!!
~aiuchi: So~o cute!
~elfgrove: So who's idea was the squirrel Patronus? I almost pity the Dementors.

Also, Overhill has updated with a new page and a new website layout. Just in time, since ~Asatirashould be featured on Cat Legend as a guest artist this Friday I think.

[OH] Comic: December 21, 2006

Prologue, page 10

The entire website at Overhill has been re-vamped, and new rants from both Asatira & I are available there.

Prose for Page 10:

It was frightening. How much had been covered up for so long. Even more so was the lack of explanation for the phenomena. Armies, Navies, Air Forces; every country attempted to send a team of some form in. Each time, contact was lost.

And no one returned.

On December 21st, 2006, the Winter Solstice, something happened that would change the world forever.

Boats came sailing out of the mists that surrounded Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. They were nothing like the world had seen before. At least... not in modern history. Graceful, beautiful and terrible. Ships of intricately carved wood, of stone, of jewel, of ice and bone and fire. They were made to float by the lost art, by magic.

Friday, August 10, 2007

[LotF] rant: Triple Update + 1

Hey guys!

Yes, I know I missed the last two weeks. This is after I told one of you in an AIM conversation that I shouldn't miss any updates through the end of this chapter. *sigh* DAMMIT.

I had two surprisingly busy weekends.

I wasn't planning to attend Sn Diego Comic Con until a friend called me up to say she had an extra badge (she'd acquired a staff badge for volunteering) that I could use for free. So I went to SDCC for about half of Friday and all of Saturday. (I saw the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" panel live. Freaking Awesome!)

The next weekend I went to a Renn Faire in Balboa Park. It's not bad, but seriously... Not impressed. Between the "Beer Garden", severe lack of enthusiastic "Players", and no permanent Faire Site (this is evidently the norm in Cali?)... I was kinda disappointed. I paid the same entry fee to go to the Atlanta Renn' Faire before, and they have a kick ass permanent Faire Site, jousting, wandering "Players" and professional Bards... *shakes head*

But between weekend activities, long work days, and having to finish a "Secret Project" with a August 10th deadline (that will be unveiled soon)... I just fell behind. The two missing pages will have final versions posted on Monday as well as the new page for that Monday. The rough sketch versions of the pages are up now. Also, as a cover page, I've posted the response to Rev's request for a bluehair!Storm and Mainyo romantic pinup.

P.S. My AIM username is "KageLycorne" for those of you who don't know it. I know it isn't posted on the site since I re-did the layout. I'm not great about being on it, but I am there occasionally, and I love hearing from you guys via the Chatzy chatroom & AIM.

from Legend of the Four

[LotF] comic: "Rough Draft" Triple Update + 1

Rough Drafts of the pages. No script until the final versions are up!

Legend 2, Page 061
Legend 2, Page 062
Legend 2, Page 063

Filling-Cover - Blue-Hair!Storm & Mainyo

3 "Rough Draft" pages posted. Completed versions will be up on Monday. Hit the "previous comic" links to see 'em.
~ Lycorne

blue-hair!Storm & Mainyo
Requested by Rev'
This'll have to do for now. Characters just aren't cooperating for the entire "romantic"-style pinup.

[DA] From SDCC to Last Week

HP - Meru's Patronus

Lot4 - Character Sketches

ATLA - OC: Flip Practice Color

I also posted a bunch of other SDCC(San Diego Comic Con) sketches, but they're in scraps, so it's more time-consuming to post them with thumbnails, so you just get links.

ElfGrove @