Thursday, June 21, 2007

[LotF] Comic: Splash - Updated

Legend 2, Page 056

Added two panels to this page and re-did the page layout. Hopefully the flow of action is a little more obvious now.

Refresh the page to be certain you see the new version.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

[LotF] Rant: Site Revamped

Hey guys. As you can see, the site has been through some major updates this weekend. There's some stuff you've never seen before in the gallery, some new links that I highly advise, and the Side Notes page is halfway back up.

Play around, and let me know via either the chatzy room, email, or blog comments.

Safe Journeys,
~ Lycorne

from Legend of the Four

[LotF] Comic: Splash - Updated

Legend 2, Page 056

Page Text:
[Storm walks around the pool, climbs along a tiny ledge on the stone cliff.]
[Storm gets to the center, reaches down into the water.]
Mainyo: // You look like an idiot. //
[Storm is distracted & falls in.]
Storm: [angry]...
Amayinehi: [looks upset]
Mainyo: Heh. [smirk]
// Even better. //

note: The // enclosure indicates the use of the Sidhe Common language.

Monday, June 4, 2007

[LotF] Comic: 80s Weekend Filler

The 80s Took Over My Weekend

Page Text:
So, no comic today. I'll try to double up next week. The 80s took over my weekend this week.

The Transformers movie toys were released on June 2nd. I love my new toys. I'm trying to resist the urge to go buy the 3ft Optimus plushie and the Optimus Prime voice changer helmet. I am a big kid. I openly admit to it.

Sunday I killed doing 3 pages for my short Rainbow Brite 20 years in the future fan comic. That should finish in another 3 pages (9 total). You can see it on my Deviant Art account.

Well, Arcee, Optimus Prime, and Jazz (my precious!) all say "Hi!" And if I can figure out how to transform Optimus without the instructions, I'll be a fricking genius.


[DA] Rainbow Brite +20 Continued...

RB +20 - pg 04

RB +20 - pg 05

RB +20 - pg 06

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