Monday, August 20, 2007

[LotF] rant: Cat Legend and Travel Update

Hey guys! And many welcomes to any visitors from over at Cat Legend. The secret project I mentioned working on before was that I got an opportunity to do a guest page or two for the wonderful Kat who does CL. If you guys aren't already among the Cat Legend audience, go start reading it now. I positively adore her story, and her characters are a blast to draw.

And to those visiting from CL, I hope you see something you can enjoy in Lot4 and/or Overhill. Please pop into the chat room to say "Hi". The more the merrier!

By way of an update, I got an extra page finished over this weekend, so my missing updates as a result of my trip will be for only two weeks instead of three. You've got another Lot4 page coming on Monday.

... Yup, that's it. Busy Busy.


clockwork said...

YAY! your art on CL is so pretty ^^

ElfGrove Studio said...

Why Thank You Clockwork!